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Obtain access to our powerful research services combined into one complete platform with capabilities of customization. Through multiple content delivery methods, helping you make timely, data-driven investment decisions

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Whether you are an investor interested in the full energy spectrum or focused on a specific segment, like renewables, we can create a customized solution for your needs utilizing Rystad Energy’s Investors Solution. 

Your research needs are market-driven and a solution that allows you to focus in (or out) of certain industry segments helps you to make timely, data-driven investment decisions. Investors Solution combines our powerful research services into one complete platform through multiple content delivery methods.  

View quick market snapshots with reports, commentaries, and webinars or dive deep into the data for analysis of the global upstream, oil and gas, energy services, or renewable industries. We offer direct access to our in-house experts to gain additional context and thematic insights around the projects and topics that matter most to you. 

How can this help you

Investors (Hedge Fund)

Gain insights into:

  • How the market price and asset performance will evolve to make investment decisions

  • Project costs and service prices throughout the supply chain

  • The need for new power generation capacity or storage, as well as price forecasts

Investors (Institutional Investor)

Assess investment and divestment opportunities by:

  • Understanding how market price and asset performance will evolve over time

  • Analyzing peer group business performance and bottom-up outlook

  • Monitoring companies on a global basis, including cash flows and valuations

Make better decisions with Investor Solutions regardless of energy type. Our data spans a multitude. Learn how below:

Relevant across energy types

Access an unprecedented coverage of carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects as well as CO2 utilization for both commercial and pilot projects. Explore a global overview of storage licensing and geological storage potential, including geographical proximity to emission sources.
Analyze market shares, segment, regional footprint and peer group business performance within oil and gas sectors. Understand trends, developments and the overall size of individual energy service markets. Gain information about contracts and details about assets/projects. Compare and rank suppliers on their market performance to base your investment decisions.
In a rapidly decarbonizing world, the energy industry is transitioning away from fossil fuels and the landscape is shifting fast for stakeholders across the value chain. Analyze global energy flows – from production, conversion and transport to storage and end use of energy, across all energy sources and carriers. We provide the most granular and complete data tool to assess and understand the historical and future energy mix under 12 global warming scenarios.
How we deliver value

 Investor Solutions' customizable offering can enable you to:

  • Analyze company valuation sensitivity to commodity prices
  • Benchmark companies' shale acreage, cash flows and breakeven prices
  • Understand historical and future global oil and gas supply and economics by country, operator or field life cycle

Your customizable subscription can include:

  • Best-in-class energy data for E&P, Oilfield Service and Renewable sectors 
  • Latest insights to the global Oil and Gas market 
  • Weekly commentaries providing actionable insights

Your customizable subscription can include:

  • Transaction support and market sizing: valuation of E&P assets, commercial due diligence, opportunity screening, market sizing and outlooks
  • Benchmarking across multiple dimensions, such as costs, operational excellence and well performance
  • Custom macro scenarios, supporting clients with more tailored scenarios, including dynamic simulations of the oil market through differing key assumptions

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    Our approach

    We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.