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Comprehensive database for the offshore vessel industry

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With an increased focus on energy security, more barrels are needed to meet the rising demand in the short to medium term. Increased activity drives demand for offshore vessels to support new and existing oil and gas developments. Additionally, a booming offshore wind sector with larger component sizes poses new challenges for the offshore vessel fleet. 

Our complete suite of solutions will give you a global view of the offshore vessel industry and will assist you with planning, procurement and investment strategies. Stay ahead of the game with our interactive offshore vessel tracker offering real-time data.

How can this help you


Understand the sectors and regions where demand will focus on by:

  • Getting insights into different components for upcoming projects

  • Accessing a complete bottom-up coverage of oil & wind fields/projects

  • Position-monitoring of offshore vessels through real-time data and tracking of all energy activities

Energy Companies

Understand the opportunities and risks of the market by gaining intelligence on:

  • Technology evaluation

  • Market trends

  • Benchmark different market players


Target investment opportunities and minimize risks by:

  • Understanding trends in the offshore vessel industry

  • Screening for business opportunities

  • Understanding the growth drivers in the offshore vessel industry


Stay ahead of the game and make informed decisions about investment and divestment opportunities by gaining insights on:

  • Market size, spending, and revenue

  • Key upcoming projects

  • Short, medium, and long-term outlook for the industry


Examine the supply and demand of offshore vessels by gaining access to:

  • Position-monitoring of offshore vessels through real-time data

  • Offshore vessel supply and demand

  • ESG and GHG emissions of vessels

Make better decisions with Offshore Vessel Solution across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

Relevant across energy types

Screen through a complete database of historical and future offshore vessel demand from platforms, rigs and subsea facilities suppliers. Browse through our comprehensive and detailed coverage of all historical and upcoming projects and exploration programs, which in turn drive demand for offshore vessels.
Get access to information on all historical and upcoming offshore wind installations, which in turn generate demand for vessels.
How we deliver value

Make informed decisions by having access to our comprehensive database where you can:

  • Analyze supply and demand of the vessel industry with detailed coverage of OSVs, OCSs, offshore wind vessels and FPSOs
  • Screen for E&P companies and service companies
  • Track all upcoming global projects
  • Find O&M opportunities

Stay up to date with all aspects of the offshore vessel industry by having access to:

  • Regular reports covering important trends and outlook for the market
  • Comprehensive library of factsheets assessing all buyers, suppliers, rigs, owners and projects globally
  • Expert commentaries covering the latest insights and hot topics in the industry 

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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    Our approach

    We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.