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READY FOR 2024: The last months in review. Read more and discover how our coverage and functionalities have been enhanced.

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In 2023, the energy market underwent a dynamic transformation, marked by a notable shift in focus from policymakers and industry stakeholders towards sustainability, aligning with ambitious climate targets. Here at Rystad Energy, we've diligently listened to your feedback and closely monitored industry shifts to enhance our services. Over the last months, we launched various updates to our clean Tech and clean Power solutions. These enhancements are designed to empower you to stay ahead and thrive in the ever-evolving energy market in 2024 and beyond. Our mission is simple: to support your workflow and equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the energy transition and make well-informed decisions.

Read more below on the key enhancements tailored to support your workflow and gain insights from our experts as they share their perspectives on the events of 2023 and what lies ahead for 2024

Our experts views

2023 has been an exciting one for the clean tech market, which is directly reflected in the latest product development and enhancements across our clean tech solutions portfolio. In this retrospective, Artem Abramov, our Head of Clean Tech, takes us on a journey through the past ten months, offering insights and projections as we look ahead to 2024. Read our special insight from Artem Abramov, Head of Clean Tech Research at Rystad Energy.

Key products highlights 2023

Batteries Solution: Battery Cost Simulator

Calculate battery cell cost based on your own assumptions on key cathode raw material prices and adjust the forecast on battery materials.

Energy Transition Solution: Energy Scenario Cube (Beta)

Navigate the energy transition with a macro view covering 135 years and millions of data points, all sectors, all energy carriers, and all countries. You are now able to analyze decarbonization pathways for all sectors, including hard-to-abate industries, transportation and buildings.

CCUS & Hydrogen Solution: Project risk assessment scorecard

Hydrogen: Analyze and screen projects based on their risk levels to have a more realistic view of a nascent hydrogen market Better informed in market sizing and estimation of future supply.  Provide an understanding of how to decrease projects’ risk. CCUS: Provide a more holistic view of project feasibility by analyzing external factors Helps companies and investors to find the right project to invest in based on their risk appetite

Our experts views

After the most turbulent year in the history of power markets, the situation has eased in 2023 with prices dropping across most regions. But some uncertainty remains ahead of the period of higher demand in the northern hemisphere, making it crucial to understand what sources of supply will be available through the winter, next year and in the long term. Read our special insight from Carlos Torres Diaz, Renewables & Power Solution Manager at Rystad Energy.

Key products highlights 2023

Renewables & Power Solution: Integrated PowerCube and enhanced Renewables & Power Analytics

Gain a complete understanding of the renewables and power market landscape with our global database covering power generation sources at an asset level. And be up to date with all markets’ events with our comprehensive set of global and regional reports and regular commentaries covering the whole power value chain with our enhanced analytics package.

Renewables & Power Solution: Detailed economic analysis with our new Renewable Economic Model

Perform detailed economic analysis for all solar PV, onshore and offshore wind assets globally. Modify all cashflow assumptions to perform sensitivity analysis plus interrogate calculation logic. The new online version of the Renewable Economic Model allows running quick and precise analysis using updated key model inputs such as power prices, capacity factors, inflation and tax rates.

Renewables & Power Solution: Solar and wind value chain analysis

Get complete visibility into the solar and wind value chain, from market fundamentals to each aspect of the supply chain. Study wind and solar manufacturing globally, including demand, supply and utilization of project components. And perform a detailed analysis of capacity outlook, generation, and economics metrics.

Craig Jamieson

Senior Vice President, Market Director

Anja Jones Gudbrandsen

VP Business Development – Global Renewables & Power