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Through topical and fact-based analytics, highly detailed data and leading-edge advisory services, Rystad Energy is uniquely positioned to provide deep insight into global exploration trends, detailed at well level, and to benchmark exploration performance between companies and geographical regions. 

We Provide

We provide complete coverage of global oil and gas exploration activities including well, reservoir, and licensing information. We provide information and analysis on well parameters, exploration costs, discovered volumes, exploration efficiency, success rates, and exploration value.

We Deliver

We deliver access to data and commentaries that synthesize the market implications of trends and key events, along with our expert views, all backed by Rystad Energy's unparalleled data universe.

We Collaborate

We collaborate closely with our customers and other market players to ensure that we deliver high quality intelligence and advisory services in an efficient manner, and that we capture the key nuances of the market as they happen.


For strategy analysts within an E&P company seeking complete and detailed exploration data, or investors looking to benchmark exploration performance, or equity analysts who require analysis of estimated value creation from exploration, our comprehensive data provides invaluable insights that enable clients to make well-informed decisions. Our Data Feed delivery method allows our data to be delivered and updated through industry-standard protocols such as OData, FTP, and ArcGIS REST API and can be imported easily into the client's preferred data analysis tool.

Features included

  • Over 180,000 conventional 100,000 unconventional historical and forecasted wells connected to more than 85000 assets and 3,200 companies globally, with coverage by continent, region, basin, country, and reservoir.
  • Overview of the well status, including completed, in-progress and upcoming wells associated with fields, discoveries, and licenses.
  • Licensing round overview with round results, work commitments, round screening criteria for historical and upcoming rounds.
  • Yet-to-find resource potential of basins globally.
  • Exploration Efficiency metrics like exploration costs, discovered volumes, Finding costs, and success rates.

Enables you to

  • Discovered resources at the wells granularity dating back to 1950 and earlier.
  • Historical and forecasted activity data, such as well counts, drilling days, exploration spending, awarded acreage, and licensing rounds.
  • Screening data for individual exploration wells, including well type, HC content, length, depth, and reservoir formation parameters.
  • Coverage of work commitments for every exploration block awarded.
  • Map package with license blocks, fields, upcoming blocks offered, sedimentary thickness, sub-basin and basin overlay, source rocks.
  • Analyze and benchmark reservoir formations using deliverability, costs, and efficiency metrics.

Have an overview look at:


  • Understanding exploration trends globally, country, company, basin.
  • Reviewing, developing, or revising exploration strategies.
  • Benchmarking exploration costs, exploration value creation, top-performing explorers, and best practices.
  • Analyzing exploration maturity from creaming curves.
  • Identifying farm-in opportunities, exploration partners, or buyers of assets.
  • Screening specific reservoir formation in basin for exploration potential. 
  • Technical and commercial due diligence and valuation of exploration acreage and discoveries.
  • Basin exploration history and drilling opportunities.
  • Identifying opportunities within oilfield services related to exploration, such as seismic, drilling, and the rig market.