Ready for 2024:

Introducing the most important updates of our O&G decarbonization portfolio

READY FOR 2024: The last months in review. Read more and discover how our coverage and functionalities have been enhanced.

Ready for 2024:

Recent developments in measurement technologies such as satellite imagery reveal that methane emissions probably are substantially higher than earlier anticipated. In addition to being a climate threat, venting and methane leakages are also a waste of valuable resources that, in most cases, can be avoided. As a result, measures to limit methane emissions are gaining increasing attention across the industry.

We believe that data transparency and quality are key in curbing methane emissions in the oil and gas industry. We have therefore developed a consistent, field-level, upstream oil and gas methane emissions database that incorporates and combines publicly available methane data, proprietary facility-level estimations, and global satellite data measurements in a consistent manner. The database is continuously updated with the latest available information – also from satellite detections.

Key highlights


Uncover, quantify and benchmark methane emissions globally for upstream oil and gas operations

End user scope 3 emissions

Overview the total O&G emission impacts per project, per country, per company or per operator

Gas emissions tracker

to delve into the full lifecycle emissions of LNG and piped gas. Tracking the emissions arising from hydrocarbon molecules from well to atmosphere.

Our experts views

Methane emissions from the energy sector have moved high up on the agenda among governments, operators, and other stakeholders such as investors in the past couple of years. Methane is the second-biggest contributor to climate change, and since the gas is a potent air pollutant with high global warming potential, it has to be tackled in the short term to help prevent the much-discussed climate tipping points.

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Deep dive into the strategies of key E&P companies, dissecting their transition plans, diversification focus, and decarbonization efforts. Leverage this unparalleled insight to understand better how the oil and gas industry evolves in the complex landscape of energy transition.  

Understand the corporate strategies of major players, their performances, and their decarbonization targets.

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