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Better project decision-making

Escalation Solution


Recent project cost volatility has underscored the importance of transparent, regular escalation data, which can provide insight into supply chain costs, underlying commodity and labor markets, and proactively plan for risk.  

We provide granular and transparent escalation data across all energy types, channeled through analytics, data and regular updates from our analysts. This data is compliant with ISO-19008, allowing for easier integration into estimating and benchmarking work processes.

Our escalation forecasts are anchored through bottom-up activity databases that regularly update supply versus demand balances for goods and services.  We also incorporate relevant macro-economic factors to equip our clients with a transparent view of where escalation is trending for each good and service we monitor.   

Proactively planning for procurement risk
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How can this help you

Energy Companies

Analyze escalation trends and their underlying drivers to: 

  • Easily apply escalation factors to a variety of estimates: from high-level greenfield projects to detailed brownfield campaigns and everywhere in-between 

  • Normalize historical project cost performance to create like-for-like benchmarks 

  • Evaluate escalation across energy types  


Leverage escalation data insights to optimize project performance: 

  • Apply granular escalation factors against detailed, budgetary estimates 

  • Reconcile and benchmark actual project performance against market expectations 

  • Identify project risk areas through escalation forecasts requiring additional project controls support during design and execution phases.  

Official escalation partner for the Performance Forum, managed by Turner & Townsend

Rystad Energy is excited to be the official escalation partner for the Performance Forum, managed by Turner & Townsend. Our comprehensive escalation data, reports and regular market updates will provide valuable insights into supply chain costs for the 24 member companies, assisting cost estimators, project controls and development planners in proactively managing risks and enhancing project decision making.

How we deliver value

Understand and analyze escalation through our flexible user interface to: 

  • Evaluate escalation impacts to varying project types across all energies  
  • Deep-dive into escalation for individual items per ISO-19008  
  • Understand underlying drivers behind escalation trends, both historical and forecasted 

Stay up to date with the latest escalation trends in the energy supply chain with

  • Regular reports looking into escalation for goods & services, and their impact on differing facility costs
  • Regularly updated commentaries to help you stay up to date with real-time escalation trend insight 

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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      Our approach

      We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.