Gas & LNG Macro Solution

Stay ahead of the gas markets with a complete overview of the global gas and LNG value chain


There has been a fundamental shift in global gas and liquified natural gas (LNG) markets, with an unprecedented supply deficit triggering record-breaking prices worldwide. Our Gas and LNG Market intelligence is designed to help industry leaders navigate this complex and ever-changing market and ensure you have the data and insights to move quickly & make informed decisions.

Our solution provides a comprehensive overview of gas and LNG markets, delivered through our database, analytics and advisory services. It includes data on gas flow, gas price quotes and LNG news. It is an all-in-one tool that allows clients to monitor and react to market balances and prices. With our highly granular gas and LNG market fundamentals database, analytics and advisory service, our solution covers the entire value chain of asset level production to country and sector-level demand as well as pipeline and LNG trade flows, infrastructure, economics, costs, and contracts, from 1990 through 2050.

This holistic view of the gas value chain enables us to support you – from wellhead to consumer – in understanding production, flows, demand and the competitive gas market.

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Understand how supply and demand are changing and the role of gas in the global energy mix:

  • Obtain a quick and comprehensive overview of a country’s gas balances

  • Get detailed asset-by-asset data on natural gas production for every country in the world

  • Analyze gas demand by sector


Make strategic investment decisions with our bottom-up data that assesses the entire gas market value chain:

  • Access market data that helps you build granular bottom-up monthly balances and stay ahead of market trends

  • Build micro to macro gas market outlooks using multiple scenarios

  • Analyze long-term price forecasts for main global trading hubs


Evaluate the entire gas market infrastructure and plan for the future:

  • Understand the demand for gas country by country

  • Benchmark costs for gas and LNG projects

  • Identify gaps in gas resources and cost-of-supply curves


Identify and value investment and divestment opportunities:

  • Screen for future market opportunities and support deal flow and execution

  • Obtain a macro outlook and the ability to deep dive into project-specific data

  • Make informed decisions based on economic and financial data for fields and infrastructure

How we deliver value

Gain a deeper understanding of the gas market with our highly granular gas database:

  • Production, reserves and resources, and cost of supply split by country, operator, and asset
  • Insights into production, reserves and resources of all fields and discoveries globally
  • LNG contract database, including pricing and indexation details
  • Natural gas demand by country and sector
  • Natural gas balances, including pipeline and LNG trade flows
  • Detailed demand data, including scenarios up to 2050
  • Supply and demand data to assess the market balances on a country, regional or global level

Actionable analysis, forecasts and news written by our senior gas analysts:

  • Commentaries discussing implications of market-moving events
  • Weekly, monthly, bi-annual and yearly reports
  • Regional reports which deep dive into country-level supply & demand, pipeline and regasification, infrastructure, governmental policies and domestic gas prices

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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