North America Gas Market Solution

Get a comprehensive view of the key gas market drivers and indicators at state, regional and national levels

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Volatility remains an overarching theme in natural gas value chain, and the North American market is no exception. With gas shortage and supply of gas in question, global gas prices have surged due to lingering supply and demand imbalances intensified by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Market concerns over EU sanctions on Russia and its response in reducing natural gas exports to Europe have pushed up commodity prices and put global LNG markets on edge. This has offered the US a unique opportunity to respond by ramping up production and exports. In this context, natural gas analysis is key.

Understanding US, Canada and Mexico and global gas and LNG market dynamics is crucial to making sense of the market, where it is heading, and the longer-term implications for global energy supply and demand. Rystad Energy’s North America Gas Market Solution helps our clients understand current North American gas market fundamentals in an international context, with our short and long-term forecasts highlighting market opportunities at the regional level.

We deliver easy-to-access data via our dashboard, reports and commentaries that synthesize our coverage of the North American gas market value chain. Our solution is built upon our bottom-up approach using detailed well-by-well gas upstream research in the context of demand, trade and prices.

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Understand how North America gas supply & demand is changing and the role of gas in the current energy crisis:

  • Obtain a quick and comprehensive overview of North America gas balances

  • Analyze daily US gas consumption in power generation, total net electric generation by state and fuel type state-level efficiency factors, and share of gas-fired electricity

  • Get an overview of total US working gas in underground storage with forecast with current regional storage level comparison, near-term US gas market balance (3 years forecast), Henry hub forward price


Evaluate the entire North America gas market infrastructure and plan for the future:

  • Understand the existing demand for gas and LNG trade flows

  • Benchmark costs for gas & LNG projects

  • Identify gaps in gas resources and cost-of-supply curves

Make better decisions with North America Gas Market Solution across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

Relevant across energy types

Understand how electricity demand will evolve over the next decades through capacity forecast by energy category. Explore the total power generation globally and per country. Examine current and potential power sector emissions and power demand.
How we deliver value

    Access our granular North America market gas data and essential insights on market-moving events:

    • Analyze key gas market fundamentals including regional and state-level supply and demand and national trade flows used to derive our near-term US gas market balance and storage outlook (3 years forecast)
    • Evaluate gas competitiveness compared to other energy sources via monthly electric generation data by state and fuel type, efficiency factors, and hourly gas for power generation
    • Daily US feed gas to LNG plants on a pipeline level, tracking LNG exports before the liquefaction process, pipeline exports to Mexico, including weekly West Texas pipeline exports

    Stay informed with our North America Gas Market commentaries and reports:

    • Monthly US Gas Market Balance report
    • Regular outlook notes that analyze the most important market events and their impact on short-term prices

    Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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