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Make informed decisions, in the rapidly evolving renewable energy industry and power sector through bottom-up data and renewable energy consulting

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With the spike in demand for electricity and growing focus on decarbonized solutions, a granular understanding of the power sector and power resources is critical to assessing business cases for new and existing assets. The global renewable energy industry faces extreme highs and lows, with record activity levels in key hotspots like China, South America, and Europe. While cost inflation and supply chain constraints are challenging project economics, key policies are being implemented around the world to address these trends.

With our renewable energy consulting, you will gain the best renewables and power market intelligence, which is both detailed and timely.  Offering global and local data, our Renewables & Power Solution comprises a power asset database that enables you to analyze the power generation industry, long-term trends in power supply and demand, installed capacity, fuel demand, and emissions.

Our solution allows you to deep dive into the different parts of the supply chain by analyzing manufacturing capacities for key projects components. It also helps you understand the economic details of renewable power with a breakdown of costs at an asset level.

The service covers the entire spectrum of power resources, solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, bioenergy, nuclear, gas, coal, liquids, and energy storage systems.

Renewable Economic Model

Our Renewable Economic Model is now ready as an integrated part of our Renewables & Power Solution. The model enables you to run detailed economic analyses for all solar PV, onshore, and offshore wind assets globally. Now you can ensure the financial viability of renewable assets, accelerating the world's transition to a decarbonized future.

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Analyze asset-level data, market shares, and highly granular power database to: 

  • Benchmark competitors, track record, and cost formation

  • Understand power generation trends and their impact on power prices

  • Develop strategies and screen for investment opportunities with your own assumptions


Access an overview of the supply and demand for each project component to understand: 

  • Peer group performance

  • Market shares and future awards

  • Infrastructure type, purchases, and expenditure forecast


Monitor companies and access a complete picture of market drivers to:

  • Screen for investment opportunities and identify new power generation capacity

  • Benchmark companies and make assets evaluation

  • Analyze investments, acquisitions, and divestments at global, regional, corporate, and asset levels


Conduct a complete analysis of the renewables market along:

  • Contracts, spending, and investments 

  • Key market players and trends

  • Renewable energy technologies developments


Assess company forecasts and outlooks to analyze:

  • Company performance and market outlook

  • Economics assessment, bespoke scenarios for project and company returns

  • Global players benchmarking


Access extensive and frequently updated renewables market data to analyze:

  • Market development, companies performance, and projects expansion 

  • How power demand will grow under different scenarios and evaluate the need for renewable capacity and the conventional energy sources

  • Policy changes and recent developments in some of the major electricity markets and get an overview of major investments in the sector

Make better decisions with Renewables & Power Solution across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

Relevant across energy types

Analyze the solar market on different levels, from utility-scale through commercial and industrial to rooftop installations. Benchmark key players along multiple dimensions including contracts, investments, spending, market share and supplier details at global, regional, corporate, and asset levels. Gain a complete overview of supply and demand for key raw materials, as well as cell and module manufacturing.
Gain a deep understanding of the global onshore and offshore wind markets for fix-bottom and floating wind sectors. Analyze market shares and outlook, peer group performance and future awards. Assess where the market is going by tracking wind project developments and timelines, together with supply and demand for wind turbines, from materials to blades and nacelles, as well as the installation and service market.
Drill deep down into a heating-up geothermal space by accessing Rystad Energy's global coverage of 20,000+ geothermal wells. Analyze both the power and heating market, study well details, understand how LCOEs are changing with project characteristics, locate ideal locations for your geothermal project, benchmark well and plant costs with peer projects, identify existing heating facilities that can be tied into to understand turbine OEM's market shares across regions, and much more.
How we deliver value

Make informed decisions in the rapidly evolving solar, wind, energy storage and green hydrogen sectors with our complete and glanular database to: 

  • Screen for deals and benchmark projects, suppliers and operators
  • Analyze the competitive landscape for developers, equipment and service providers
  • Understand historical and future power prices and the related economics by country, company, energy type and asset

Stay up to date with the latest Renewable Energy trends and events with our:

  • Monthly and quarterly reports examining the key trends and events across global and regional renewable energy markets
  • Regular commentaries and detailed analyses on renewable energy topics, offering insights on a global, regional and industry level
  • A quantitative projects factsheets covering technical and commercial data, and country fiscal factsheets provide a valuable reference to the respective fiscal and regulatory regimes

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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