Wind Solution

Stay up-to-date on all aspects of the global wind market and gain a deep understanding of the global onshore wind market and both bottom-fixed and floating offshore sectors


The global wind sector has seen massive activity growth in the past decade as countries look to boost installed renewable generation capacity and strive to reach their emission reduction goals. This rapid growth has sparked concern that supply-chain bottlenecks may emerge for some of the critical materials used in wind-power technology.

Gain a deep understanding of the global onshore and offshore wind markets for fix-bottom and floating wind sectors. Get instant access to the key project and country characteristics to analyze market shares and outlook, peer group performance and future awards.

Assess where the market is going by tracking wind project developments and timelines, together with supply and demand for wind turbines, from materials to blades and nacelles as well as the installation and service market.

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Analyze asset and turbine level data to gain full market visibility to:

  • Benchmark company performance

  • Track records, wind industry trends and cost formation

  • Develop strategies and screen for investments opportunities


Access an overview of the supply and demand for each wind project component to:

  • Receive an in-depth outlook on equipment providers and competitor backlog

  • Gain market outlook and track future awards

  • Analyze the global supply and demand for onshore and offshore wind turbine components


Track wind project developments, timelines and current status to:

  • Screen for investment opportunities

  • Understand the market potential and make asset evaluation

  • Gain full understanding of global wind spending trends


Deep dive into individual market players' spending, contracts, and wind providers' details to:

  • Analyze peer group business performance

  • Receive bottom-up market outlook

  • Benchmark global players


Analyze wind market data to:

  • Understand global energy policy

  • Benchmark fiscal regimes

  • Gain full visibility of market drivers and peer group performance

How we deliver value

Understand global onshore and offshore wind markets activity to:

  • Screen for deals and benchmark projects, suppliers and operators
  • Gain visibility into historical installation time series of capacity and forecasted wind demand under different energy scenarios
  • Learn about the key suppliers for each component and their market share on a global, regional and national level

Stay up to date on all aspects of the global onshore and offshore wind markets through our:

  • Market trends reports providing an overview of the general business environment, macro trends, drivers and deep dives into selected areas of interest
  • Frequent comments, summaries and deep-dives on a global and regional level, addressing recent developments and trends
  • Vast series of readymade factsheets at the country and project levels covering technical and commercial data, providing information on various regulatory processes, fiscal regimes, subsidies, auctions and tenders

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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