Geothermal Solution

Gain insights into the geothermal market and associated supply chain


Geothermal energy is consolidating itself as a key player in the future energy mix. With investments in geothermal energy seeing a double-digit growth rate towards 2030, and with ambitious clean energy goals set in many countries, this sector is gaining momentum.

Explore our complete and global solution covering the entire value chain to learn which countries are set to increase geothermal power generation and heating capacity, how many wells are needed in order to meet the country’s demands, and what are the different technologies being used in this industry.

Gain access to information on a complete portfolio of projects which will enable you to identify business opportunities and target specific regions and projects. 

Rystad Energy's geothermal solution offers the most comprehensive suite of suite of dashboards in the market that enable you to slice and dice the industry, and study in detail drilling activity, capacity and generation numbers, costs and expenditure breakdowns, turbine data, EPC landscape and much more. Our solution draws data from more than 20,000 wells and 1,300 developers.

How can this help you


Identify business opportunities by analyzing:

  • Market shares and future projects

  • Trends in technology use

  • Different operators in the geothermal market

Energy Companies

Make informed strategic decisions on business development opportunities by analysing:

  • Peer group performance

  • Macro and micro industry trends

  • Divestment and investment opportunities


Maximize/optimize investment opportunities by analysing:

  • Company performance and market outlook

  • Current and upcoming project analysis

  • Expenditure trends

  • Historical and future investments in geothermal energy by region, operator, and budget group


Gain access to market insights by analyzing:

  • Global trends in the industry

  • Key players

  • Company performance benchmarking

How we deliver value

Make knowledgeable decisions with our complete granular database of the geothermal supply-chain:

  • Drilling demand in both power generation market and heating market
  • Size, scope and distribution of all operators' supply chain investments
  • Current and upcoming geothermal projects 

Stay up to date with a comprehensive library of assets:

  • Quarterly report covering global geothermal market
  • Regular expert commentaries on topics impacting drilling activity, technology adoption, expenditure and operator portfolio

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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    Our approach

    We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.