Solar Solution

Analyze the global solar market on different levels, from utility-scale through commercial and industrial to rooftop installations, and gain a complete overview of supply and demand for key components

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Despite the rising global focus on transitioning to low-carbon energy sources and advances in renewable energy technologies, significant solar market growth is anticipated for both utility PV and rooftop installations. In the short term, risks are being compromised by various supply chain constraints, creating unclarity for the long-term solar market outlook.

With our solar market analysis, you can deep dive into the different parts of the solar supply chain by analyzing manufacturing capacities for key components such as polysilicon, ingot and wafer, cells, and modules.

The solution allows you to perform solar power data analysis across various levels, from utility-scale projects to commercial and rooftop installations. Additionally, it enables you to benchmark solar market players along multiple dimensions, including contracts, investments, spending, market share, and supplier details at global, regional, corporate, and asset levels.

Our Solar Solution helps you to understand global solar energy projects in terms of installed capacity, module type, and geography. It also allows you to quickly identify opportunities by analyzing demand for key solar module components and services under different energy scenarios.

How can this help you


Access in-depth outlook on solar developers to: 

  • Analyze developers' upcoming project portfolios

  • Screen for investment opportunities and future awards

  • Benchmark market shares and developer-contractor relationships among your peers

Energy Companies

Analyze the solar supply chain and benchmark your project: 

  • Analyze market players and manufacturing capacities

  • Benchmark company performance

  • Assess potential bottlenecks and how they might affect cost and prices of components


Analyze solar market players, their spending and investments to:

  • Screen for investment opportunities

  • Compare market players, their financial performance, market shares and positioning

  • Analyze investments, acquisitions and divestments at global, regional, corporate, and asset levels


Deep dive into solar market players' spending and contracts to:

  • Analyze company performance and market shares

  • Understand economics assessment, scenarios for projects and company returns

  • Gain global market players' outlook


Analyze solar market data to:

  • Understand global energy policy

  • Benchmark fiscal regimes

  • Gain full visibility of market drivers and peer group performance

How we deliver value

Explore in-depth global solar market analyses to:

  • Track market drivers and solar energy installation activity
  • Understand price formation and cost drivers for solar modules and solar projects
  • Gain supplier information and market share for all related components and infrastructure

Stay up-to-date on all aspects of the global solar market through our:

  • Reports covering important trends and outlook for the solar energy market
  • Regular commentaries covering frequent insights into current trends and events, with both macro overviews and deep dives into topics related to the solar energy industry
  • Quantitative project factsheets providing a quick overview of the key characteristics and technical details for solar projects globally 

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