Rystad Energy - Energy Knowledge House



Artem Abramov Photo

Artem Abramov

Partner & Head of Shale Research
Saad Khalid Kaul Photo

Saad Khalid Kaul

Bimbola Kolawole Photo

Bimbola Kolawole

Business Development Manager, Africa
Carlos Torres Diaz Photo

Carlos Torres Diaz

Vice President & Head of Gas and Power Markets Research
Courtney Sims Photo

Courtney Sims

Senior Account Manager
Jon Marsh Duesund Photo

Jon Marsh Duesund

Jo Husebye Photo

Jo Husebye

Olga Kerimova Photo

Olga Kerimova

Vice President Upstream Research
Markus Nævestad Photo

Markus Nævestad

Partner, Consulting
Simon Sjøthun Photo

Simon Sjøthun

Partner & Head of London Office
Bjørnar Tonhaugen Photo

Bjørnar Tonhaugen

Partner & Head of Oil Market Research
Binny Bagga Photo

Binny Bagga

Senior Analyst Energy Service Research
Håvar Blakset Photo

Håvar Blakset

Partner & Head of E&P Consulting
Monica Hagen Photo

Monica Hagen

Senior Office Manager
Espen Erlingsen Photo

Espen Erlingsen

Partner & Head of Upstream Research
Oddmund Føre Photo

Oddmund Føre

Vice President, Energy Service Research
Schreiner Parker Photo

Schreiner Parker

VP Business Development, Latin America
Sonia Mladá Passos Photo

Sonia Mladá Passos

Vice President, Product Manager Power and Renewables
Jeremy Anderson Photo

Jeremy Anderson

Head of Dubai Office
Magnus Kjemphol Lohne Photo

Magnus Kjemphol Lohne

Consulting Project Manager, Ålesund
Yosuke Uehara Photo

Yosuke Uehara

Vice President & Head of Japan Office
Craig Jamieson Photo

Craig Jamieson

Vice President & Head of Aberdeen
Deepti Koikara Lindal Photo

Deepti Koikara Lindal

Partner & Head of New York Office
Gero Farruggio Photo

Gero Farruggio

Head of Australia & Global Renewables
Xinlei Zhu Photo

Xinlei Zhu

Vice President & Country Manager China
Anton Sungurov Photo

Anton Sungurov

Senior Vice President & Head of Moscow Office
Tore Guldbrandsøy Photo

Tore Guldbrandsøy

SVP & Head of Stavanger Office
Jon Fredrik Müller Photo

Jon Fredrik Müller

Partner & Head of Consulting Asia-Pacific
Henning Bjørvik Photo

Henning Bjørvik

Senior Analyst Energy Service Research
Roman Filimonov Photo

Roman Filimonov

Vice President Energy Metals
Edison Luo Photo

Edison Luo

Vice President Energy Metals
Dr. James Ley Photo

Dr. James Ley

Senior Vice President Energy Metals
Alexander Fløtre Photo

Alexander Fløtre

Vice President Offshore Wind
Marius Kluge Foss Photo

Marius Kluge Foss

Principal Consulting
Aditya Ravi Photo

Aditya Ravi

Vice President Upstream Research
Jai Singh Photo

Jai Singh

Principal Consulting
Aatisha Mahajan Photo

Aatisha Mahajan

Senior Analyst Upstream Research
Ilka Haarmann Photo

Ilka Haarmann

Analyst Upstream Research
Alisa Lukash Photo

Alisa Lukash

Senior Analyst Shale Research
Martin Opdal Photo

Martin Opdal

Principal Consulting
Milan Rudel Photo

Milan Rudel

Vice President Oil Market Research
Lars Lysdahl Photo

Lars Lysdahl

Partner Consulting
Fredrik Folmer Ellekjær Photo

Fredrik Folmer Ellekjær

Partner Consulting
Audun Martinsen Photo

Audun Martinsen

Partner & Head of Oilfield Service Research