Tailored solutions for Energy Companies

We foster strong partnerships with leading oil and gas corporations, utilities, and providers of power and heat, along with various energy generation and extraction entities.

Advisory / Energy companies

Rystad Energy has a long track record of advising the largest oil- and gas companies, utilities, power- and heat providers, and other energy-generating- and extracting companies. Building on our asset-level databases covering every oil- and gas well and every windmill globally, we are uniquely equipped to help energy companies evaluate their portfolios, seek new opportunities, and manage their risks.

Our expertise

We deliver services within different areas, servicing energy companies across:

Oil and gas

We provide support to oil and gas companies throughout every stage of their operations by offering tailored solutions, optimizing exploration, enhancing production efficiency, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Onshore and Offshore Wind

We provide pivotal market intelligence, detailed project data, and strategic insights for stakeholders in the wind energy sector. Developers, investors, and suppliers gain the knowledge and foresight needed to navigate this dynamic market.


We offer expert consulting services on solar market dynamics, cost structures, and the competitive landscape, equipping stakeholders with the insights needed for strategic decision-making.

Hydrogen & ammonia

Explore hydrogen and ammonia initiatives with our comprehensive feasibility studies, supply chain analysis, and strategic planning services. We navigate clients through the intricacies of this emerging industry.

Power and utilities

Leverage our expertise in the power and utilities sector for deep analyses of market operations, regulatory frameworks, and future trends. Our strategic decision-making support ensures our clients are prepared for the evolving energy landscape.

Energy storage

Leverage our knowledge in energy storage technologies to conduct thorough assessments of market dynamics, regulatory environments, and emerging trends. Our strategic guidance empowers clients to navigate the energy storage landscape with confidence, making informed decisions and seizing opportunities for growth and innovation.

Lars Eirik Nicolaisen

Senior Partner & Deputy CEO

Samuel Low

Partner, Consulting

Markus Nævestad

Partner Consulting

Håvar Blakset

Senior Partner & Head of E&P Consulting

Mari Vassdokken Sigstad


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