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Battery Materials Analytics

What is it?

Battery Material Analytics is a complete set of trend reports and commentaries covering the battery supply chain. It takes the pulse of the battery raw minerals market, processors and precursors, and the battery cell and pack industries, with a complete overview of technology trends, investments and buyers and suppliers.

What can I achieve?

Access detailed reports showing historical, current and projected production of lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite.
Understand the complete value chain, from mines through processing and precursors, and from cathode and anode manufacturing to battery manufacturing trends, all covered by detailed reports focusing on the complex value chain behind the battery market.
Indulge in thematic reports on battery investments, cost of supply and emissions.
Receive timely articles analyzing recent news and trends within the battery supply chain.

Who is it for?

Mining companies
Battery suppliers

Monthly Report

Monthly report on recent trends in the emerging services sector related to battery materials. Analyze investment trends by country and company, activity levels and recent contract awards on new projects

Frequent commentaries

Frequent insightful commentaries written by our experts, offering fact-based analysis of recent news and market developments in the industry – continually ensuring that our clients are kept up-to-date.

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