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What is it?

GeothermalCube is a comprehensive, field-by-field database covering the geothermal power generation and heating market globally. Study drilling activity, capacity, investments, technologies and more for all operators and regions to really understand the demand for your product lines or services, or simply to benchmark your peers.

What can I achieve?

GeothermalCube is ideal for:
Market Analysis
Target screening

Who is it for?

GeothermalCube is built to support workflows for:
Service Companies
Banks and Investors
Energy Companies
Advisory and Research Firms

Screen for opportunities

Analyze the global demand for drilling services in the geothermal space. Use the tool to understand which operators will have high demand for wells over the coming years, and in which regions this demand will be.

Installed and added capacity

Study upcoming and existing installations in terms of plant capacity. Dig down to identify the demand for any given upcoming project, as well as understanding the already installed capacity per operator.

Analyze the demand for services

Assess investment trends for different supply chain segments, such as completion and intervention, land drillers, OCTG, engineering, MMO. Understand where geothermal operators are investing, what is the cost per well in different regions, what is the relationship between facility capex and well capex, and more.

Macro trends

Analyze the macro trend for the different geothermal markets.

Understand the use of different technologies

Analyze how different technologies are used globally. Use the tool to understand what types of plant technologies and subsurface systems are being used in different regions and by different operators.

Project analysis

Analyze project details by different phases of projects, operator, plant technology, subsurface system, reservoir characteristics, project timing, wells, investments etc.

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