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What is it?

The BatteryCube is a highly granular database, giving you a comprehensive overview on global EV sales and energy storage tracker by country, car manufacturers analysis including sales targets, demand scenarios by country, grid storage and transport sectors (road transport, shipping, aviation), battery cell manufacturers overview with production capacity and forecasts per plant, battery materials supply by asset covering lithium, nickel, cobalt and graphite mines, processing and precursor facilities, cathode and anode production, and battery cost analysis

What can I achieve?

Explore a complete, granular and global database of the entire battery value chain, from mining, refining, precursor, electrode and cell production, and how it all ties into regional demand scenarios across all segments of transportation and energy storage per county and region.

Track monthly EV penetration by country through a frequently updated and global overview of EV production and sales.

Access a complete dataset of current and proposed battery cell factories, lithium, cobalt and nickel mines, and everything in between.

Analyze the cost structure of battery production as well as investments and economics across the value chain

Who is it for?

Automotive and transportation companies
Energy infrastructure owners
Battery suppliers
Mining industry
Electrode and precursor producers
Governments and governmental agencies
Consulting and advisory firms

Key macro information

Explore and analyze the most comprehensive utility project-level database

Stationary storage and EV demand

Extensive stationary and EV demand data analysis possibilities

Battery investments

Comprehensive battery investment analysis per country

Manufacturer assessment

Stay on top of facitilities and capacities per region and per manufacturer

Mining companies benchmarking

Analyze mining facilities and capacities per country and company

Mineral prices forecast

Analyze the price developments for li, Cobalt and Nickel

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