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What is it?

The CCUSCube is a highly granular database, giving you a comprehensive overview on, CCUS projects and CO2 infrastructure, point source emissions, carbon pricing, policies, storage licenses, economics and project costs, geological potential assessment, suppliers and technologies, well demand and long-term CCUS demand under different global decarbonization scenarios and more

What can I achieve?

Conduct extensive analysis of the carbon capture, transportation and storage market, based on policies, economics, current and proposed projects and identify potential CCUS projects, considering point source emissions, geological storage, proximity to infrastructure and market demand. Understand the supplier landscape, supplier-buyer relationships, the demand for services and technology trends

Who is it for?

Major CO2 emitters including cement and steel producers, energy companies and more 

CCUS value chain market players 

Service and technology providers 

Corporate and institutional investors 

Governments and governmental agencies 

Consulting and advisory firms 

Banking and financing 

CO2 consumers 

CCS operators


CCUS Demand forecasting

Explore and analyze the CCUS demand outlook and distribution under different global warming scenarios

Carbon pricing schemes

Analyze carbon pricing schemes

Point source emissions adressable by CCUS

Access a complete dataset of oint source emissions as potential future CCUS projects

Project pipeline

Stay on top of CCUS projects and the details behind

Cost Analysis

Benchmark project cost and analyze market size

Transportation assets

Analyze Transportation projects on an asset level

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