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Battery Materials

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Understand the battery value chain by analyzing the battery materials market, from raw minerals to battery manufacturing.

We Provide

We provide a complete overview of the full supply chain of key battery raw materials, such as lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite, from mining through to processing then precursor and cathode and anode manufacturing, and onto battery manufacturing. Users can build their analysis around the Rystad Energy approach, comprising bottom-up, project-by-project data. Areas of coverage include investments, prices, supplier information, infrastructure and project details on historical and forecasted activity.

We Deliver

We deliver a complete set of analysis covering the supply chain behind the battery market. It provides readers with a comprehensive overview of investment trends, buyers, suppliers and prices, delivered via data dashboards, reports and commentaries.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with our clients and the vast industry network that Rystad Energy has across all energy sectors, through primary and secondary sources, to provide our users with the most up-to-date and comprehensive data and analysis of the global battery market.


Understand the battery value chain by analyzing the battery materials market, from raw minerals to battery manufacturing.

Features included

  • Annual supply and demand of lithium, cobalt and nickel, with both historical figures as well as short-to-medium-term forecast, with supply derived from mine-level up. More than 200 current or proposed mines included in our analyses.
  • Over 100 cathode and anode manufacturers for batteries.
  • Forecast pricing of around 20 battery raw material prices, including lithium spodumene, hydroxide and carbonate, cobalt metal, sulphate and tetroxide, nickel metal and sulphate, and graphite flake.
  • Over 160 processors and precursors of battery raw materials.
  • Accessible through dashboards with thematic tabs updated monthly, along with monthly reports and articles

Enables you to

  • Conduct extensive analysis of raw mineral processing, manufacturers and raw mineral markets, such as lithium, cobalt, nickel and others.
  • Study the battery materials market, including mined volumes per region and project, prices and investments, demand per sector, and battery cell manufacturers.
  • Review demand patterns for battery materials and trade flows, as well as the historical contractual relationships of mining companies.
  • Analyze battery raw minerals demand by sector, such as EV, storage and other battery applications.
  • Benefit from a global overview of battery raw material processing, with more than 165 operators focused on producing lithium carbonates and hydroxides, cobalt powder, tetroxide, sulphate and hydroxide, and nickel sulphate.

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Stay up to date with the latest trends and details on the battery materials markets with our detailed reports and topical commentaries, prepared by leading industry experts.

Features included

  • Frequent trend reports and weekly commentaries covering the battery supply chain
  • Tabulated data covering the annual supply of lithium, cobalt and nickel, historically and forecasted
  • Battery raw minerals demand by sector, such as EV, storage and other battery applications
  • Raw mineral price trends and trade flows
  • Accessible in Rystad Energy client portal and via email notifications

Enables you to

  • Enhance procurement strategies

  • Develop in-depth market intelligence

  • Remain up-to-date throughout the year with frequent analyses and insights

  • Improve strategic planning

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Battery Materials Analytics


We have in-house experience both within battery raw materials, battery cell products and battery demand, and we leverage this expertise to provide clients with realistic, fact-based forecasts. Through our proprietary databases and forecasts on electrified transportation and solar, wind and power systems, we are able to understand and predict the complete demand picture for batteries, both for electric vehicles and stationary storage. This is vital in order to capture the complete demand picture for battery raw materials, battery processing and battery cell manufacturing. While other analysts have gained insights into certain segments of battery demand, they struggle see the whole picture, including the impact on raw materials. Our consultants work closely with the management of many stakeholders across all industry segments, providing support for strategy development, business planning and acquisition screening, among other assignments.