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What is it?

BatteryMaterialCube is a comprehensive database covering the battery supply chain and offering a full overview, from mining and processing to cell and battery manufacturing. In keeping with the Rystad Energy approach, data is gathered via bottom-up research, mine-by-mine, facility-by-facility. It covers investments, service purchases, supplier information, mining capacity and production, cell and battery factory capacity and technical details.

What can I achieve?

Stay on top of the fast-changing supply chain within the battery market.
Analyze the mining sector for lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite.
Track the processors and precursors.
Understand pricing and trade volumes of battery raw minerals.
Evaluate battery cell and pack capacities and projected facilities.
Identify investment trends and the player landscape.

Who is it for?

Battery Suppliers

Identify outlook for the battery raw materials market

BatteryMineralCube allows users to analyze all upcoming mining projects for lithium, cobalt and nickel. Understand which miners plan to scale up their operations and when, and how supply capacity will develop over the next decade. Focus your search for opportunities by region, mining type or other project-related characteristics.

Understand how battery raw material processing will develop

 Look at how different counties plan to develop their battery raw material processing in the coming decade by processor, capacity etc.

Battery production by country

On the demand side understand global plans for investments in battery production plants by type, capacity and location.

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