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Gain insights into the geothermal market and associated supply chain.

We Provide

We provide geothermal intelligence channeled through thematic reports, a steady flow of commentaries and bottom-up databases that are updated weekly. Clients can connect with our leading industry experts and go deeper through customized advisory services.

We Deliver

We deliver detailed information on both historical and upcoming geothermal projects, allowing you to dive into the completion time series for geothermal wells, study the existing base of wells, explore the use of different technologies for power plants and subsurface systems, analyze upcoming demand from different operators, perform regional analyses, and much more.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with our clients to provide insight and solutions on topics across the supply chain. Our consulting team has broad experience working with equipment manufacturers, service companies and E&Ps.


Acquire a detailed understanding of the geothermal market and stay on top of upcoming opportunities for completion, drilling tools, OCTG, engineering, maintenance and more in this space.

Features included

  • Global coverage of bottom-up, project-by-project data
  • Drilling demand, plant capacities, investments, technology trends
  • Size, scope and distribution of all operators’ supply chain investments
  • Historical data and forecasts from 2000 to 2030
  • Power generation and district heating markets


Enables you to

  • Explore geothermal expenditure by operator, geography, supply chain segment, project, reservoir temperatures and more
  • Research drilling demand by wellbore purpose, drilling days, geography, drilling length, and much more for both the power generation market and heating market
  • Understand how different plant technologies and subsurface systems are trending, where they are located, who are operating them and what are the characteristics of the projects
  • Identify business development opportunities, assess strategy and target specific regions and projects
  • Analyze different operators in the geothermal market, understand their upcoming portfolio of projects and what that means for your product lines and services

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Stay up to date with the latest trends and details on the geothermal market with our detailed reports and topical commentaries, prepared by leading industry experts.

Features included

  • Geothermal Market Report – covering the trends and outlook for the geothermal market, providing both a global and regional view
  • Commentaries – offering expert analysis of current trends and the latest industry developments, adding context, assessing the implications and showcasing the relevant data
  • Access to analysts – providing product support and training, in addition to discussions and further insights from Rystad Energy’s global team of experts

Enables you to

  • Get a timely and comprehensive overview of the geothermal market, powered by Rystad Energy’s databases
  • Get instant access to key project characteristics, as well as company and regional analyses in an easy-to-digest format
  • Access in-depth written analyses from leading industry experts covering hot topics and the latest trends in the geothermal sector
  • Explore expenditure trends, drilling activity, technology use across different regions and operators
  • Identify business development opportunities and assess strategy based on historic and future activity

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Geothermal Analytics


  • We work with geothermal players to benchmark project performance across both time and cost, helping them to better understand how planned and/or completed projects perform against peers. By analyzing the service cost environment and other factors, we are able to provide insights into areas of success, where to improve and best practices.
  • We support investors in understanding market opportunities in what is characterized as a fragmented and regional player landscape, opening up opportunities for consolidation across both regions and segments.
  • As a data oriented advisory, we use our global databases with field-level data to support industry organizations in understanding the possibilities (and limitations) with respect to technology development. We assess the impact that new technology could have on costs, and our insights are presented regularly to companies, organizations and governments around the globe.