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The transportation industry is at a pivotal moment. As global concerns over climate change, air quality and the sustainability of fossil fuel use intensify, the shift towards alternative fuels is not just a trend but a necessity.

Stricter emissions regulations and sustainability mandates are being implemented worldwide, compelling the industry to adopt greener technologies and practices. Transitioning to alternative fuels demands substantial investments in new infrastructure, like charging stations for electric vehicles, fueling facilities for hydrogen and bunkering facilities for cleaner maritime fuels.

Rystad Energy understands what powers the future of transportation and the sector's decarbonization journey. Our industry expertise extends across key modes of transportation, including road, aviation and shipping, as well as the critical infrastructure developments driving this transition, such as charging and fueling facilities. We provide comprehensive insights and data-driven solutions to help industry stakeholders navigate the complexities of this transformation. From evaluating the feasibility of alternative fuels to optimizing infrastructure investments, Rystad Energy is your partner in building a sustainable and resilient transportation future. Join us as we explore the latest advancements, strategies and innovations shaping the next era of transportation.

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The electrification of road transportation, especially passenger vehicles, is a significant shift. As electric vehicle (EV) adoption grows rapidly, there is a critical need for updated infrastructure, charging solutions, battery materials and a robust supply chain. Our research covers the entire electrification landscape, from raw materials to energy storage, providing insights for investment decisions, market research and electrification strategies at both micro and macro levels.

Alternative fuels

For the transportation industry, the transition to alternative fuels requires a coordinated effort involving technological innovation, infrastructure development and policy support. Our solutions cover hydrogen fuel cells and supply chain, biofuels and natural gas markets. Additionally, our research focuses on hydrogen derivates such as methanol and ammonia markets.

Energy transition and decarbonization

Navigate the energy transition with our data and analytics solutions. Dive into decarbonization pathways and technologies, examine key trends, industry standards and policies.

Clean shipping

Our Clean Shipping Solution allows you to explore fundamental energy and shipping data to better understand the decarbonization of the maritime industry. Analyze the market for alternative fuels and understand how fuel availability and costs are evolving. Explore opportunities in emerging shipping segments and stay up to date on the latest policies, regulations and new technologies impacting the shipping sector.  


Get access to dedicated energy experts ready to support you in solving the unique challenges faced by your business. Our team provides actionable insights supported by a deep industry network and high-quality data.


We offer customized and open-enrollment industry and product training courses designed to empower organizations and professionals for success in the energy transition.

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Senior Vice President, Market Director

Lars Lysdahl

Head of Transportation Advisory

Oddmund Føre

Head of Shipping & Offshore Markets

Artem Abramov

Head of Clean Tech Research

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Dr. Minh Khoi Le

Vice President, Head of Hydrogen Research

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