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To successfully navigate the energy transition while ensuring energy security and economic growth, governments must balance economic considerations with the provision of affordable and stable energy for consumers. Additionally, they need to develop effective regulatory and policy frameworks that adapt to the dynamics of the global energy market. 
Rystad Energy understands all components of the energy system and the different paths towards net zero. We track all energy sources, from production to consumption, providing reliable data, projections and advice to enable our clients to predict and plan for the future. Our goal is to contribute to a responsible energy transition in which energy is provided to all while also achieving ambitious climate goals. 
Enhance your capabilities with our data services, analytics tools, expert advisory support and specialized training programs. Benchmark, evaluate, forecast, diversify, scenario plan, risk manage and understand the global energy landscape to make informed policy decisions. Analyze energy market trends, prices and demand to make informed decisions about energy imports, exports and domestic production to ensure adequate supply.  Access an integrated energy data ecosystem that matches your workflows and projects with the most comprehensive and granular global project database covering economics, production, cost and prices and the full supply chain.

Our capabilities within the Governments sector

Policy formulation and planning

Develop informed energy policies and strategies to ensure a stable, sustainable and secure supply. Plan for energy transition, set targets and benchmark towards other countries.

Economic planning and development

Assess the economic impact of energy sector developments, short- and long-term price projections, supply and demand dynamics. Gain an understanding of the sectors with high growth potential that can foster job creation.

Energy security

Plan for adequate and stable supply of energy and optimized resource management. Evaluate supply chain risks and understand value chain bottlenecks.

Environmental protection and climate

Understand your country's position through global field and value chain emissions, carbon competitiveness, decarbonization trends and strategies. Produce long-term energy outlooks based on data modeling to support the development and implementation of sustainable energy practices.

Market analysis and forecasting

Analyze energy market trends, prices and demand to make informed decisions about energy imports, exports and domestic production. 


Get access to dedicated energy experts ready to support you in solving the challenges faced by your business. Our team will provide actionable insights supported by a deep industry network and high-quality data.


We offer customized and open-enrollment industry and product training courses designed to empower organizations and professionals for success in the energy transition.

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