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In today's dynamic environment, staying ahead involves more than just data—it requires actionable insights from extensive research and analysis.

Rystad Energy enables energy companies to navigate the rapidly changing landscape. Our detailed insights encompass production, economics, prices, supply chains and essential materials, supported by forecasts of commodity pricing.

We ensure smooth alignment across companies for decision-making, forecasting, strategic planning and operations.

Rystad Energy provides thorough research and analysis across all types of energy, amalgamating a wealth of data into a single, accessible ecosystem. Recognizing the varied needs of energy companies, our platform is designed to support every facet of your internal workflows.

Our capabilities within energy companies

Strategy fundamentals

Make strategic decisions by leveraging data analytics to benchmark performance, evaluate market trends, forecast industry shifts, diversify portfolios, conduct scenario planning, manage risks and gain an in-depth understanding of the global and regional energy landscape.


Analyze production data, reserves and economic metrics at both macro and micro levels to optimize operational efficiency. Gain insights into company and asset performance, regional potential and the broader energy supply chain to improve decision-making and operational outcomes.


Navigate the transition to low-carbon energy solutions by understanding the opportunities and challenges. Evaluate and adopt new technologies, assess supplier performance and analyze the costs and benefits of CCUS and other low-carbon initiatives to ensure sustainable and profitable operations.

Business development

Identify and capitalize on new market opportunities, projects and areas for expansion by benchmarking against industry standards, analyzing market trends and evaluating the economic viability of projects. Facilitate partnerships and investments in emerging markets.


Streamline procurement processes to achieve cost-efficiency and secure supply chains. Utilize procurement analytics to monitor global supply chain dynamics, forecast commodity and material prices and manage inflation impacts. Benchmark costs against international projects to maintain competitive pricing.


Enhance decision-making across the LNG and broader energy value chain by utilizing comprehensive market intelligence. Analyze fleet market dynamics, including shipping fuel availability and costs, fleet data and the adoption of advanced technologies. Stay informed about the shipyard order book to anticipate and mitigate risks.


Get access to dedicated energy experts ready to support you in solving the challenges faced by your business. Our team will provide actionable insights supported by a deep industry network and high-quality data.


We offer customized and open-enrollment industry and product training courses designed to empower organizations and professionals for success in the energy transition.

Official escalation partner for the Performance Forum, managed by Turner & Townsend

Rystad Energy is excited to be the official escalation partner for the Performance Forum, managed by Turner & Townsend. Our comprehensive escalation data, reports and regular market updates will provide valuable insights into supply chain costs for the 24 member companies, assisting cost estimators, project controls and development planners in proactively managing risks and enhancing project decision making.

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Craig Jamieson

Senior Vice President, Market Director

Espen Erlingsen

Senior Partner & Head of Upstream Research

Audun Martinsen

Senior Partner & Head of Supply Chain Research

Jo Husebye

Partner & Head of Energy Systems Research

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