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Rystad Energy offers an integrated data ecosystem that aligns with your workflows and projects. From macro overviews to detailed data, we equip you to optimize your operations and strategically plan for the future. Our global project databases cover economics, production, costs, prices and the entire supply chain. 

Our dynamic databases allow you to customize inputs and assumptions. User-friendly dashboard suites and powerful project libraries facilitate multi-dimensional analysis. We address the needs of various departments, including corporate strategy, business development, procurement, supply chain management, operations and learning and development. 

Enhance your capabilities with our data services, analytics tools, expert advisory support and specialized training programs.

Our capabilities within the NOCs sector

Strategy fundamentals

Make informed strategy decisions by utilizing data to benchmark, evaluate, forecast, diversify, scenario plan, risk manage and gain a comprehensive understanding of the global energy landscape.

Business development

Explore new market opportunities, projects and potential areas for expansion by benchmarking projects, exploring trends and evaluating project economics.


Analyze production, reserves and economic data at a granular level, down to the field level. Gain insights into E&P company developments, portfolio performance, country potential and intelligence related to the energy supply chain.

Low carbon

Gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges related to low-carbon solutions to make informed decisions. This includes exploring available technologies, evaluating suppliers' performance, assessing costs and CCUS storage solutions scorecards.


Enhance cost-efficient procurement and secure your supply chain by leveraging procurement analysis, monitoring global supply chain markets, commodity and material price forecasts and inflation rates. Benchmark project costs and prices with international projects.


React quickly and make the best-informed decisions across the entire LNG value chain by use of intelligence. Understand the opportunities and risks in the fleet market by studying the availability and cost of future shipping fuels, access fleet data and the adoption of new technology together with the shipyard order book.


Get access to dedicated energy experts ready to support you in solving the challenges faced by your business. Our team will provide actionable insights supported by a deep industry network and high-quality data.


We offer customized and open-enrollment industry and product training courses designed to empower organizations and professionals for success in the energy transition.

Official escalation partner for the Performance Forum, managed by Turner & Townsend

Rystad Energy is excited to be the official escalation partner for the Performance Forum, managed by Turner & Townsend. Our comprehensive escalation data, reports and regular market updates will provide valuable insights into supply chain costs for the 24 member companies, assisting cost estimators, project controls and development planners in proactively managing risks and enhancing project decision making.

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Craig Jamieson

Senior Vice President, Market Director

W. Schreiner Parker

Managing Director for Latin America

Xinlei Zhu

Senior Vice President & Country Manager China

Ed Tockman

Senior Vice President, Head of MENA

Vijay Krishnan

Partner & Head of APAC

Martin Opdal

Partner & Head of Advsiory East Asia and Australia

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